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Our people are often featured in the media, being recognised for their significant discoveries and advances in modern medicine and medical sciences research. Browse recent coverage and highlights of our proud moments and achievements.

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Dr Rhys Jones

16 November 2018

Dr Rhys Jones spoke about climate change as a public health emergnecy, sharing what we can learn from the 1918 flu pandemic. 

Dr Jo James

8 November 2018

Dr Jo James and Dr Alys Clark (Auckland Bioengineering Institute) have been awarded the Marsden Fund to build a world-first virtual uterus. 

Professor Boyd Swinburn

7 November 2018

As part of Health Coalition Aotearoa, Professor Swinburn is calling for policy to help people make healthier decisions. 

Dr Helen Petousis-Harris

7 November 2018

A new vaccine has been launched to protect infants, toddlers and teens against meningococcal disease.

Associate Professor Siouxsie Wiles

2 November 2018

Siouxsie Wiles debunks David Seymour's comments about killer reusable shopping bags, labelling them as irresponsible.

Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith

4 November 2018

Dr Felicity Goodyear-Smith suspects the Augusta Building incidents that put a dozen Qantas staff in hospital after they smelt an unknown substance were a case of social contagion.

Dr Terryann Clark

30 October 2018

Althoguh health outcomes for young Māori are improving, "systematic discrimination and poverty" continue to drive stubborn inequities.

Professor Warwick Bagg

29 October 2018

Professor Warwick Bagg speaks about research suggesting that more work needs to be done for students to be empowered and speak up on obtaining informed patient consent during sensitive examinations.

Professor Nathan Consedine and Dr Tony Fernando

27 October 2018

Compassion fatigue is real but compassion really does matter in health, not only for patients but also the health professionals delivering their care.

Associate Professor Michal Boyd

24 October 2018

Michal Boyd has found that aged-care facilities are becoming New Zealand's "de facto hospice", raising questions about the state of palliative care in Aotearoa.

Dr Hakkan Lai

21 October 2018

New data shows that children living in neighbourhoods where there are more wood or coal fire-heated houses may be at greater risk of skin diseases.

Dr Simon Thornley

17 October 2018

Dr Simon Thornley’s study is exploring the use of Firstcheck’s smartphone technology to help detect and combat the scabies skin disease.

Dr Matire Harwood

13 October 2018

Dr Harwood comments on racial bias and inequitable treatment of premature babies in New Zealand.

Dr Kirsty Wild

11 October 2018

Who are the happiest commuters? It's the cyclists, according to research by Dr Wild.

Dr Nikki Moreland

28 September 2018

Dr Moreland's team is developing a new test to detect rheumatic fever - read more in this New Zealand Herald article.

Frazer Coutinho

27 September 2018

Frazer placed second in the Falling Walls Lab competition with his presentation 'Breaking the Walls of vision loss'.

Associate Professor Mark Thomas

24 September 2018

Mark Thomas comments on the concerning rise in antibiotic resistance after an increase in CPE diagnoses.

Dr David Welch

23 September 2018

Is hearing loss just a function of age, or is society really getting noisier and making it worse? It's hard to say, according to David Welch.

Dr Nicki Jackson

14 September 2018

While millenials may be known as 'generation sensible', Dr Jackson has observed a problematic drinking culture among New Zealand adolescents. 

Dr Jacelyn Loh

13 September 2018

Dr Loh is developing a new vaccine against rheumatic fever, and now the research has received a funding boost. Read about it here.

Associate Professor Susan Morton

10 September 2018

Susan Morton discusses how the Growing Up in New Zealand longitudinal study could help shape the future of te reo Māori on Māori Television.

Dr Jacquie Kidd

6 September 2018

Dr Jacquie Kidd comments on the need to address racism in order to improve Māori Health. Find out more on Radio NZ.

Professor Cliona Ni Mhurchu

4 September 2018

Professor Cliona Ni Mhurchu says we need a national food policy to be adopted by our schools in this Newstalk ZB interview.

Professor Innes Asher

1 September 2018

Professor Innes Asher says the launch of the Global Asthma Report 2018 could improve asthma treatment and reduce deaths both here and overseas.