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Our people are often featured in the media, being recognised for their significant discoveries and advances in modern medicine and medical sciences research. Browse recent coverage and highlights of our proud moments and achievements.

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Fuafiva Fa'alau

20 May 2019

Pacific health lecturer Fuafiva Fa'alau is researching culturally appropriate diagnostic tools for dementia prevention in Pacific people.

Associate Professor Janet Fanslow

17 May 2019

Work life and home life influence each other, which is why Janet Fanslow believes it’s high time employers acknowledge the impact of domestic violence on staff. 

Dr Michal Boyd

16 May 2019

Although the quality of death in residential aged care facilities in New Zealand is one of the best in the world, Dr Michal Boyd says we need more practical education for caregivers.

Dr Sarah Gerritsen

13 May 2019

Although children's vegetable intake is on the decline, new population health research has found that decision makers would rather blame parents.

Dr Kathryn Bradbury

12 May 2019

Dr Bradbury analyses the findings of a new study linking coffee and tea consumption to lung cancer in this radio interview.

Dr Teuila Percival

12 May 2019

In this interview, Dr Teuila Percival explains why being a doctor involves so much more than knowing science.

Dr Simon Thornley

9 May 2019

Dr Thornley comments on a new study exposing the influence that Coca-Cola has on whether sugar-related research projects reach publication.

Professor Boyd Swinburn

9 May 2019

Boyd Swinburn comments in this interview on international findings that obesity rates are increasing in rural areas.

Dr Colleen Bergin

3 May 2019

A recent University of Auckland study examined how injuries from  e-scooter hiring services have put added pressure on Auckland emergency services.

Dr Emma Davey

3 May 2019

Dr Emma Davey won an award for her work in establishing and running rural health training programmes for rural hospital medicine registrars and fifth year medical students at Hāwera Hospital.

Associate Professor Guy Warman

29 April 2019

Associate Professor Warman has found that blue light therapy helps reduce post-surgery 'jet lag' in new anaesthesiology research

Dr Ihirangi Heke

9 April 2019

Dr Heke talks about how he's bringing a whakapapa Māori approach to a study helping men get active by training alongside super rugby teams.

Professor Merryn Gott

9 April 2019

This news article highlights Professor Gott's presentation at the World Conference on Health Promotion in Rotorua about the need for improvement in palliative care services.

Professor Peter Shepherd

8 April 2019

Professor Peter Shepherd comments on the Mauric Wilkins Centre's genetic research into medical treatments for Māori and Pacific people.

Dr Mohammed (Mo) Ziaei

6 April 2019

Dr Mo Ziaei debunks some of the misconceptions around laser eye surgery in this article.

Associate Professor Suresh Muthukumaraswamy

29 March 2019

Suresh explains why ketamine is such an effective antidepressant in this news article.

Dr Anneka Anderson

26 March 2019

Dr Anderson led a recent study into the inequities in rheumatic fever treatment and discusses the findings in this article.  

Sue Kistanna

21 March 2019

Group Services Manager Sue Kistanna, a recent Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors, explains why she is a passionate advocate for indigenous and women’s health in this interview.

Professor Nathan Consedine

19 March 2019

In this radio interview, Professor Consedine talks about the systemic issues which plague the health sector and undermine doctors' ability to practice with compassion.

Professor Ian Bissett

5 March 2019

Survival rates after major surgery for bowel cancer are unequal across different parts of Aotearoa, and between Māori and non-Māori, a report out today shows.

Dr Alex Müntz

5 March 2019

Hear Ophthalmology research fellow Dr Alex Müntz talk about dry eye disease – and lose a staring competition – with Mikey Havoc in this radio interview.

Professor Alistair Woodward

25 February 2019

Why do bike lanes rile us up so much? Professor Woodward talks through the findings of recent research in this radio interview.  

Dr Adrian Field

24 Febraury 2019

A team lead by Dr Field are analysing 'bikelash', examining three well-known cases where proposed bike lanes prompted organised pushback.

Dr Michel Neefe

22 Feburary 2019

MD candidate and ear, nose and throat surgeon Dr Neefe comments on a strange medical case where a plant grew in a teen's ear.

Dr Helen Petousis-Harris

18 February 2019

With measles outbreaks on the rise, Dr Helen Petousis-Harris explains in this radio interview how social media enables the spread of misinformation about immunisation.

Professor Charles McGhee

18 February 2019

Professor McGhee answers questions about eye conditions, disease and cures for blindness in this radio interview.

Dr Tony Fernando

17 February 2019

Dr Tony Fernando busts some myths about sleep and explains how true insomniacs are often perfectionist overthinkers in a talk he gave for the sell-out Raising the Bar series.

Associate Professor Siouxsie Wiles

18 February 2019

Siouxsie Wiles discusses the outbreak of measles due to anti-vaccination ideologies in this opinion piece.

Jasim Skinner

14 February 2019

Pharmacy student Jasim Skinner ran a pop-up stall at a Kaitaia market to kōrero with Te Hiku iwi about addressing whānau harm.

Associate Professor Mark Thomas

14 February 2019

How are surgical tools sterilised, and what could have gone wrong at Hawke's Bay Hospial? Mark Thomas explains in this radio interview.

Emeritus Professor Ed Mitchell

13 February 2019

An international study based on research originally led by Emeritus Professor Ed Mitchell has found that long, undisturbed sleep may be associated with stillbirth.

Associate Professor Cathy Stinear

10 February 2019

Why do we dream? Associate Professor Cathy Stinear suggests that it enables us to rehearse the actions we might take when confronted by immediate or life-threatening dilemmas.

Dr Edward Gane

1 February 2019

A Hepatitis C drug is now fully funded in New Zealand and Dr Edward Gane believes we could eliminate the disease from our country in the next 10-15 years.  

Dr Gary Cheung

1 February 2019

A new study has found that older people in New Zealand are more likely to self harm due to physical illness than any other reason.

Dr Sarah Lensen and Professor Cindy Farquhar

24 January 2019

The common fertility treatment of endometrial scratching has been shown to have "no benefit at all" in a new study led by our researchers.  

Professor Maurice Curtis

18 January 2019

In this interview, Professor Maurice Curtis explains what happens when you donate your body to science and how this benefits New Zealand health.

Dr Katharine Wallis and Susie Middleton

18 January 2019

New research has found that despite the 14,000 registered active doctors in NZ in 2016, only 25 cases have been heard by the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal in the past 20 years.

Dr Sonia Lewycka

15 January 2019

The results of a longitudinal study have shown significant drops in the number of secondary school students involved in risk-taking behaviour.  

Professor Cliona Ni Mhurchu

24 December 2018

Professor Cliona Ni Mhurchu joins this Radio NZ panel discussion about the practical and social dilemmas associated with tackling diet-related disease in New Zealand.

Elizabeth Oliphant

24 December 2018

PhD candidate Liz Oliphant is investigating whether caffeine might improve oxygenation and brain development in late preterm babies, NZ Herald reports.

Professor Ngaire Kerse

23 December 2018

In this article, Ngaire Kerse comments on research which found that lonliness was accentuated during the festive season.

Dr Alan Davidson

18 December 2018

Dr Davidson is leading groundbreaking research as to whether cells from zebrafish can be used to bioengineer new kidneys.