Eivry Kerxen Ambe

In the Philippines, mental health is a taboo topic. Eivry is hoping to change that by studying health sciences in Auckland.

Eivry Kerxen Ambe (left) with Marilia Couto.

”I completed an undergraduate bachelors degree in psychology in a country where mental health isn’t yet very well established. Here, there is a wealth of information to learn and absorb.

"Where I am from in the Philippines, the concept is taboo, surrounded by a blanket of negative assumptions which makes it a disreputable practice, but I have always had an interest in mental health and I have always desired to be an agent of significance in the field. I can learn so much here in comparison.

I decided to pursue this qualification to further increase my chances of getting into the field of mental health as a professional. I have hopes of clinical work as a psychologist and this programme is a stepping-stone into the necessary degree I need to do that.

Eivry Kerxen Ambe Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences (PGDipHSc)

“My area of study focused on population health which consisted of papers that had to do with mental health development and promotion, research, addiction studies and health policy all concerned with improving the health and wellbeing at population levels as, opposed to the individual level.

“As an international student I wanted to understand the public health system here in New Zealand. More than understanding different theories I wanted to know the extent to which they are applicable and this programme has substantially broadened my knowledge.”