Foloi Asiata-Faletui

The Master of Nursing prepared Foloi Asiata-Faletui (Villages: Satupaitea, Safotu and Leusoalii, Samoa) for her role as Advanced Clinical Nurse Specialist at Counties Manukau Health.

“Only a few Pacific postgraduate students progress through the master-level qualifications through the University of Auckland and I hope to inspire others. This degree gave me more confidence, courage and credibility to serve the community and Pacific people with complex health and social needs.

It feels good to lead the way so my children can follow.

Foloi Asiata-Faletui Master of Nursing graduate; Advanced Clinical Nurse Specialist at Counties Manukau Health

“Research is fun and educational and experience with research is essential for the career I want. My dissertation aims to appraise evidence of how nurses partner with Pacific people living with Type 2 Diabetes to enhance self-management of their health.

“With diabetes, despite accessing services at a similar level and receiving care according to best practice guidelines, Pacific people achieve a much lower level of reasonable disease control compared with other ethnic groups in New Zealand. There is a need to fill the gaps in policy and practice that affect the effectiveness of the services for Pacific people in New Zealand.

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to study the Master of Nursing here and to have the support of my supervisor Louise Carrucan-Wood and Dr Ema Wolfgramm Foliaki.”