Emelia Masari

Emelia Masari's Master of Health Leadership helped prepare her for a career as a project analyst at Synergia.

"Deciding to pursue a Master in Health Leadership was one of the easiest and best choices I have ever made. It prepared me for a career in health by providing me with the skills to support my passions.

“I am now a project analyst at Synergia. After graduating from the Bachelor of Health Sciences, I studied the Master of Health Leadership. I was so thankful for the opportunity to work in partnership with Auckland Council and WAI Auckland on a project.

“My project looked at ‘Auckland Paths and the addition of drinking water foundations for better health outcomes’. I wrote a business case, looking at how we can improve access to drinking water. It was accepted by Auckland Council and implemented a few months later

I gained a good understanding of how local government and Auckland Regional Public Health Service works and also gained experience with stakeholder engagement, interviewing, literature scans and business cases.

Emelia Masari Master in Health Leadership graduate

"In the future, I would love to create and manage community programmes to empower people to gain better control over their lives.”