Tharaphi Tharaphi

Tharaphi Tharaphi’s Master of Public Health has inspired her to contribute to community health and welfare of her native Myanmar when she graduates.

“If you are an international student who is worried about culture shock, don’t. Auckland is such a cosmopolitan city and has ethnic groups from all corners of the world, which makes it a great place to live.”

“Studying at the University of Auckland has been a great experience and I’m really inspired by my lecturers and the public health professionals I have met in New Zealand. Talking and interacting with them has motivated me to raise my country’s health status.

From them, I have learned about how I can improve public health in my home country, Myanmar.

“Apart from the knowledge that they impart, the teaching and academic staff here are friendly, professional and offer a wealth of support. I have been able to talk to them openly about not only my study, but also other problems and concerns. They have always made me feel like they genuinely care, which has made me feel secure even though I am far away from home.

“I also love the facilities at the University. The libraries are my favourite. All the libraries here offer conducive, study-friendly environments. They offer the perfect range of books, electronic resources and workshops and nothing can be better than this.”