Samantha Hill

Taking part in a variety of nursing placements has helped Bachelor of Nursing student Samantha Hill put theory into practice.

“I decided to study nursing because I wanted the opportunity to make a genuine difference in the quality of people’s lives and because nursing offers many different environments and challenges.

“I chose to study at the University of Auckland, as it is New Zealand’s only world-ranked university. The School of Nursing’s lecturers are not only recognised leaders in their field, they are also supportive and approachable.

“The nursing cohort share an intimate environment built on mutual respect, trust, and shared knowledge.

“Services such as the University of Auckland’s Learning Services have been very helpful for me especially for academic writing skills and for writing exam papers.

“I have recently completed the second year of my degree where I studied nursing clients requiring medical and surgical care as well as clients with mental health issues, addictions, and disabilities. Initially I was worried that I wouldn’t get enough practical experience, but I have had many valuable placements where I have put theory into practice.

“When I graduate, I would like to work in the intensive care unit or the emergency department while studying towards my Masters of Nursing part-time.

“ After that, I would like to become a nurse practitioner and utilise my knowledge and experiences within a community setting such as a GP clinic or working in older people’s health.