Enhancing New Zealand Clinical Trials

A scoping review of clinical trial infrastructure in New Zealand that is looking to outline an infrastructure roadmap and operations model for clinical trials in Aotearoa New Zealand.

What is this scoping review trying to find out?

The review is looking to analyse existing clinical trial activity, capability and connections, review related international evidence and best practice, and provide evidence-based recommendations to inform development of an infrastructure roadmap and an operating model to support a sustainable and nationally coordinated clinical trials enterprise in New Zealand.

Why is this scoping review important?

There is the opportunity to significantly enhance clinical trials research in the public health system within Aotearoa New Zealand, addressing key infrastructure needs, inequity in access to and participation in clinical trials and enhancing capability throughout the country.

Realising the potential of clinical trials research in New Zealand is aligned with the New Zealand Health Research Strategy 2017-2027 and the New Zealand Health Research Prioritisation Framework, which provide a mandate for:

  • achieving a step change in the role of research in clinical practice, including embedding clinical trials and clinical trials networks, as one element of a learning healthcare system generating timely evidence to support clinical practice, cost effectiveness of health care, and the development of new interventions;
  • harnessing the power of multi-centre and multi-national clinical trials to improve the management of health conditions in a timely manner for New Zealanders;
  • building a strong clinical trials research network with the support and systems (including ethics) to facilitate efficient multi-centre and multi-national trials;
  • developing systems to reduce inequity, for example through a national system of networks to ensure appropriate access to clinical trials according to need and want; and
  • strengthening capacity in the clinical health research workforce, to improve clinical services and care and attract and retain top clinicians in New Zealand.

What does the scoping review involve?

Clinical trial researchers within primary and secondary care, public health, and other health care professions, as well as consumer representatives.

How can I find out more?

You can email the project manager at jennifer.kane@auckland.ac.nz