LENScience facilitates connections between schools and science organisations, to support science education and empower young people.

LENScience brings together schools, scientists and health professionals to invest in adolescent empowerment. Through school-science partnerships, LENScience assists schools to facilitate locally relevant learning programmes that support adolescents to become critically engaged citizens. This means young people who have the capabilities required to seek out and make sense of evidence from within and beyond their communities to understand societal issues, and who are motivated and empowered to act on this learning. Programmes examine issues that impact the current and future health and wellbeing of adolescents and their potential future offspring.

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History of LENScience

Established in 2006 by Liggins Institute founding director, Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, LENScience programmes enable knowledge translation and facilitate development of understanding of the Nature of Science. LENScience supports development of the scientific and health literacy required for the economic and social well-being of 21st century societies.

The LENScience mission

The overarching goal of LENScience is to enable science-science education interactions by creating connections between schools and science organisations; supporting science education, enabling science communication and translation to support increased science for health literacy in New Zealand communities.

For enquiries and registration of interest please contact LENScience Director Jacquie Bay.