EpiGen Global Research Consortium

The Liggins Institute is a foundation partner in the EpiGen collaboration, which combines leadership and skills in the science of applied epigenetics.


Established in 2006, EpiGen Global Research Consortium is an international network with five partner institutions in three countries. The key groups within these organisations have synergistic skills and world leadership in the technology and science of applied epigenetics.

EpiGen’s collaborative research has interests in:

  • Developmental plasticity
  • Nutrition
  • Epigenetics
  • Human health
  • Animal productivity

The Consortium functions as a virtual but integrated academic network, embracing all relevant work across the members independent of income source. EpiGen’s operations include:

  • Academic research
  • Commercial partnerships that support the academic research
  • Promoting the impact of the research through influencing public policy
  • Outreach and public education activities

EpiGen member organisations