Singapore partnerships

We have partnerships with leading research organisations in Singapore including the National University of Singapore and the Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences.


The Liggins Institute and Singaporean scientists are working together on ways to prevent and treat obesity and diabetes in Asian populations.

We have a strategic, collaborative partnership with the Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (SICS). Together we are developing a new research programme in growth, development and metabolism, to discover how the environment that the fetus and infant are exposed to can lead to type 2 diabetes and obesity in adolescence and adulthood. The programme includes basic science, clinical and population-based studies. It is led by Professor Sir Peter Gluckman and involves a number of senior Liggins scientists.

The Liggins Institute is also an international partner in The Translational Clinical Research (TCR) programme in metabolic disease (obesity and diabetes). The programme includes an extensive longitudinal study of child development that will follow 1,200 children from before birth through to adulthood.

The TCR programme is funded by the Biomedical Research Council of Singapore and administered through the National University of Singapore with the involvement of 12 different Singaporean partners. The Liggins Institute is an international partner, with a number of our investigators involved as collaborators.

Partner organisations

Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (SICS)

For more information about the growth, development and metabolism research programme, visit the SICS website.

National University of Singapore

For information about the metabolic disorders - TCR programme, visit the Singapore National University Health Services website.