Postgraduate courses and programmes

Postgraduate Exercise Sciences courses

Course code Course title Semester offered
EXERSCI 702 Projects in the Exercise Sciences S1; S2
EXERSCI 704 Advanced Techniques in Biomechanics S1
EXERSCI 705 Research in the Exercise Sciences S1
EXERSCI 706 Seminar in Advanced Exercise Physiology S2
EXERSCI 708 Advanced Seminar in Movement Neuroscience S1
EXERSCI 711 Exercise and Performance Psychology S1
EXERSCI 714 Special Topics in the Exercise Sciences
EXERSCI 720 Clinical Exercise Physiology I
EXERSCI 721 Clinical Exercise Physiology II S2
EXERSCI 731 Physiotherapy Healthcare
EXERSCI 732 Exercise for Rehabilitation
EXERSCI 733 Musculoskeletal
EXERSCI 734 Physiotherapy Practice
EXERSCI 735 Neurological Rehabilitation S2
EXERSCI 736 Acute Care S2
EXERSCI 737 Physiotherapy in the Community S2
EXERSCI 741 Advanced Physiotherapy Practice  S1
EXERSCI 751 Physiotherapy Practicum I S2
EXERSCI 752 Physiotherapy Practicum 2 S1
EXERSCI 753  Physiotherapy Practicum 3 S1
Physiotherapy Practicum 4 S2
EXERSCI 755  Physiotherapy Practicum 5 S2
EXERSCI 775 Seminar in Clinical
Exercise Physiology
EXERSCI 776 Clinical Practicum I S1
EXERSCI 777 Clinical Practicum II S2
EXERSCI 778 Clinical Practicum III S1
EXERSCI 779 Clinical Practicum IV S2

Choosing your Exercise Sciences courses

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