Undergraduate Marine Science courses

Undergraduate courses provide an overview and foundation in Marine Science, and prepare you for further study opportunities.

Course code Course title Coordinator
MARINE 100 The Oceans Around Us Andrew Jeffs
MARINE 100G The Oceans Around Us Andrew Jeffs
MARINE 202 Principles of Marine Science Craig Radford
MARINE 302 Dynamics of Marine Systems Alwyn Rees
MARINE 303 Freshwater and Estuarine Ecology Richard Taylor
MARINE 304 Directed Study in Marine Science  
MARINE 305 Practical Skills in Marine Science Richard Taylor
MARINE 399 Capstone - Marine Science Alwyn Rees (S1)
Neill Herbert (S2)

Our undergraduate Marine Science advisor is Neill Herbert.

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The following courses can be included in your undergraduate Marine Science degree:

Course code Course title
BIOSCI 100 Antarctica, the frozen continent
BIOSCI 101 Life! Origins and Mechanisms
BIOSCI 108 Biodiversity: Patterns of life
BIOSCI 109 Ecology and Evolution: The Continuum of Life
BIOSCI 206 Principles of Ecology
BIOSCI 208 Invertebrate Diversity
BIOSCI 220 Quantitative Biology
BIOSCI 328 Fisheries and Aquaculture
BIOSCI 333 Marine Ecology and Conservation
BIOSCI 334 Biology of Marine Organisms
BIOSCI 335 Ecological Physiology
BIOSCI 394 Conservation Ecology
BIOSCI 395 Pacific Biogeography and Biodiversity
EARTHSCI 303 Sedimentary Systems
EARTHSCI 361 Exploration Geophysics
ENVSCI 203 Discovering Environmental Modelling
GEOG 101 Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
GEOG 103 Mapping Our World
GEOG 250 Geographical Research in Practice
GEOG 262 Geomorphology
GEOG 351 Coastal and Marine Studies
GEOPHYS 311 Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Physics
GISCI 241 Principles of Remote Sensing
STATS 101 Introduction to Statistics
STATS 201 Data Analysis