Our undergraduate courses and programmes

Stage one courses

Course code Course title
CHEM 100 Molecules that Changed the World
CHEM 100G Molecules that Changed the World (General Education)
CHEM 110 Chemistry of the Living World
CHEM 120 Chemistry of the Material World
CHEM 150 Concepts in Chemistry
FOODSCI 100 Foundations of Food and Nutrition

Stage two courses

Course code Course title
CHEM 251 Structure and Spectroscopy
CHEM 252 Properties and Analysis of Matter
CHEM 253 Making Molecules: Synthesis and Isolation
CHEM 254 Modelling Chemical Processes
CHEM 260 Introduction to Green Chemistry
FOODSCI 200 Food Composition and Nutrition
FOODSCI 202 Food Preservation
WINESCI 201 Introduction to Wine Science

Stage three courses

Course code Course title
CHEM 310 Structural Chemistry and Spectroscopy
CHEM 320 Design and Reactivity of Inorganic Compounds
CHEM 330 Contemporary Organic Chemistry
CHEM 340 Advanced Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 350 Topics in Chemistry
CHEM 351 Chemicals Big and Small: Nano-material to Bio-macromolecules
CHEM 352 Advanced Concepts in Chemistry
CHEM 360 Contemporary Green Chemistry
CHEM 380 Materials Chemistry
CHEM 390 Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM 392 Issues in Drug Design and Development
CHEM 397 Capstone: Green Chemical Science
CHEM 398 Capstone: Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM 399 Capstone: Chemistry
FOODSCI 301 Food Quality Attributes
FOODSCI 303 Sensory Science
FOODSCI 306 Principles of Food Processing
FOODSCI 310 Theory of Food Product Design
FOODSCI 399 Capstone: Food and Nutrition

Choosing your courses

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