Olivier Graffeuille

Computer Science PhD candidate Olivier Graffeuille is interested in how machine learning can help us understand extreme climate events.

Computer Science PhD candidate, Olivier Graffeuille

Programme: Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science

“I decided to pursue this qualification to follow my interest in machine learning, and get a taste for academia and teaching rather than getting an office job after completing my undergrad degree. I also hope that this programme will open doors towards careers that I’ll find more interesting and fulfilling, and who knows, maybe even travel!

“I studied at the University of Auckland as an undergraduate student in Engineering Science. I had a good experience in this degree, and met my now-supervisors in a fourth year elective. So when I was offered a PhD opportunity which sounded interesting with supervisors I knew to be good, it would not have make any sense to go anywhere else.

“The name of my thesis topic is ‘Machine Learning for Extreme Climate Events’.

I am focusing on the problem of detecting harmful algal blooms in NZ lakes using satellite data, by applying machine learning techniques.

Olivier Graffeuille

“Currently, I’m looking into potential novel semi-supervised regression approaches due to the abundance of available unlabelled satellite data.

“After my PhD I hope to find a position where I’ll be able to use my knowledge to help a company, whether that be in Auckland or overseas. My ideal job would also be focusing on solving environmental problems.”