Climate Systems Laboratory

We build and share expertise on climate and earth system observations, models, and knowledge for policy, governance, and community actions.

Image of penguins standing on ice floating in Antarctic sea

The Climate Systems Laboratory focuses on quantitative earth systems science to address the climate crisis. We support existing programs while creating transdisciplinary training opportunities and connecting research to wider national and international academic communities.

Our research

Mitigating, adapting to and managing anthropogenic climate change will be one of the defining features of the 21st Century. Knowledge of the mechanisms which control environmental change is essential to establish robust climate adaption and mitigation policy, that in turn ensures the well-being of all people. There is a critical lack of focused expertise and training in quantitative climate science in New Zealand, which is needed to meet this challenge. The creation of the Climate Systems Laboratory aims to address this need.  

The Climate Systems Laboratory connects research and researchers in critical areas of atmospheric, oceanic, terrestrial ecosystem, cryosphere, carbon cycle sciences, sensor technologies, environmental informatics, and computational sciences. Researchers draw on expertise in numerical analysis and modelling, advanced observational methods and processing, and development of natural systems-understanding that can guide thought on approaches to addressing climate and environmental change. 

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Professor David Noone

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