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Bioassay plate showing antimicrobial peptides.

With this project, researchers are turning to a native herb to tackle the devastating disease killing the country's endemic kauri population.

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Sampling water from Mahurangi Harbour.

Hilltops to oceans combines several projects to investigate the role of mitigation in natural ecosystems and the potential for enhancement through restoration.

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We have several seed funding projects underway in the George Mason Centre.

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A new project, led by Dr Brendon Blue, examines how efforts to make Aotearoa New Zealand ‘predator-free’ by 2050 are being negotiated and enacted.

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Water Technology Laboratory

This project aims to increase the effective management of our waterways by enhancing our understanding of their processes.

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Deployment of diverse plastics materials.

Plastic pollution is a well-recognised threat to marine systems and waterways. This project aims to find solutions for this growing problem.

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Ocean acidification: information-based video

Watch our information-based video on ocean acidification in New Zealand, created as part of a science public communication series.

Statistical acoustics

Measuring change is challenging, but new technology and techniques may provide better tools for measuring ecosystem health.

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Kelp underwater

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