Corporate Finance Graduate, Deloitte

Eva Laurenson completed Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Commerce conjoint, majoring in Statistics, Economics and Finance.

Black and white photo of woman standing in front of trees wearing a graduation gown

Programme: Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Commerce conjoint

Subject: Statistics, Economics and Finance

“I decided to pursue Statistics because I enjoyed the first Stage I Statistics course I did, and I wanted to continue to develop my skills and thinking in this area. I could see how useful it is to be able to understand/interpret statistics both academically, for example reading or doing research, and in my everyday life, such as when stats are used in the media. Statistics also complemented my other studies in Economics and Finance.

Since I graduated I’ve been working in corporate finance for Deloitte’s Wellington
office. Working in finance, I often come across statistical concepts/tools I studied in my degree, but I think the most important skill my qualification gave me was a way of thinking: how to approach complex problems and the thought process used to tackle them.

Eva Laurenson

“I really enjoyed the quality of teaching and support available in the Department of Statistics. There’s a huge variety of courses available to students, so I was able to learn a bit of computer programming as well as theory.

“The Tuākana programme was a key part of my time at University. Being both a teina receiving support and a tuākana to my peers was very rewarding. The Tuākana Science community helped me through some of my most challenging times during University.”