Manager Health Analytics

Alex Stuteley completed a Bachelor of Science (Honours), majoring in Medical Statistics.

Man standing in a lit corridor with arms crossed

Programme: Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Subject: Medical Statistics

“Growing up I was consistently fascinated by the health system and its intricacies, alongside which I always had a passion for numbers. After pursuing a degree in Statistics, it was a natural step to take to explore that interface.

“I’m currently working at EYC3, a data analytics company, in the health analytics space.

“As I work in a predominantly public health context, the epidemiological side of Medical Statistics provides a solid technical platform to continue to build skills on.

“The range of the programme was great as it allowed me to explore epidemiology through population health and more technical statistical methods through clinical trial analysis.

“I was lucky to receive the Postgraduate Honours Scholarship, which allowed me to focus more on studies and making the most out of University. 

“Unfortunately I didn’t get very involved in University life until the later stages of my degree. When I did engage more I found it to be a much more rewarding and productive environment. This was especially the case for time spent tutoring in the Tuākana rooms, tutorials and studying in different ways.”