Software Engineer

Gulnar Grover turned his passion for working with technology into a reality by enrolling in the Postgraduate Certificate in Information Technology.

Key facts

Career: Software engineer
Programme: Postgraduate Certificate in Information Technology

"In 2013, I graduated with a conjoint Bachelor of Business Studies / Bachelor of Science majoring in Human Resource Management and Psychology.

"After a brief stint working in recruitment I travelled around Australia. During this time I developed a passion for working with technology.

"With this in mind I enrolled into BE(Hons) at the University of Waikato.

"As part of my first semester I completed a first year computer science paper which sparked my interest in programming.

"I came across the Auckland ICT Graduate School, and felt that the Postgraduate Certificate in Information Technology was a great opportunity for me to enter the IT field in a short space of time.

"Looking back it's hard to believe the amount I learnt in just 12 weeks!

"The support from the tutors and the lecturers was invaluable; the casual atmosphere helped absorb some of the pressure and helped me get past the frustrations of learning to code.

"Upon completion of the PGCertInfoTech at the University of Auckland I enrolled in the Master of Information Technology at the University of Waikato.

"The wide variety of papers offered at masters level has allowed me to choose an area that most appeals to me.

"When I finish my masters I'd like to work in a company where I can combine the communication and business skills I gained in my undergraduate studies and employment, with my newly acquired technical skills as I grow a career in the ICT sector."