Robin Aldridge-Sutton

Robin enjoys the combination of Computer Science, Statistics and Mathematics courses in his programme and is looking forward to a career in Data Science.

Key facts

Programme: Bachelor of Science
Subjects: Data Science

“I find artificial intelligence techniques such as deep neural networks and reinforcement learning really exciting and interesting.

“The best thing about the Data Science major for me is that it combines the courses in Statistics, Computer Science and Mathematics that are most relevant to understanding large and complex data sets, and distinguishes that combination from each of those disciplines alone.

“Data science is currently one of the most important areas of development in science and technology due to the explosion in the quantity and complexity of data being collected, which requires new techniques and a unique combination of skills. 

My dream is to do doctoral study in neuroscience-inspired machine-learning algorithms, and work on the development of super-intelligent machines that can help us solve our hardest problems and make everyone better off.

Robin Aldridge-Sutton

“I chose to study at the University of Auckland because it was the first university in New Zealand to offer a Data Science major, and it’s by far the best rated university in the country. The Statistics department is famous for being the birthplace of the R programming language, which is one of the most important for data science.

“I started the University of Auckland Data Science Club, and it’s given me enormous satisfaction. I’ve met heaps of lovely intelligent, passionate people, and I’ve learnt so much about the opportunities around data science. We’ve had a lot of great events: we showed the AlphaGo documentary, and Shane Legg, cofounder of DeepMind and a University of Auckland alumnus, recorded a message for us to play alongside it. Everyone at the University has been really supportive, and we have had a lot of free pizza!”