Accenture: Nicole Lange

Nicole Lange from Accenture shares her advice on how to prepare for video interviews, what happens at assessment centres and the do's and don'ts of social media.

If you want to hear Nicole talk about a certain aspect of video interview preparation, follow the time guidelines below.

Assessment centres

0:07  What happens at assessment centres?
0:26  How do I prepare for an assessment centre?
0:56  How do I stand out at an assessment centre?
1:22  What should you wear at an assessment centre?
1:42  Other things I should know?


2:16  How do I prepare a CV?
2:38  Do I need a separate skills section?
2:58  Should I include a personal statement and/or career objective?
3:15  Should I list my referees?
3:27  Any other things I should know about CVs?

Cover letters

3:40  How long should a cover letter be?
3:49  What is the best cover letter structure?
4:04  Anything else I should know about cover letters?


4:23  How should I prepare for an interview?
4:40  What are behavioural questions?
5:54  How do I answer a tricky question?
6:20  What should I ask the interviewer?
6:45  What do I wear?
7:07  Anything else I should know?
7:31  How do I build a rapport?

Video interviews

7:56  How should I prepare for video interviews?
8:36  How should I show my personality?
9:12  What should I do if my laptop or other devices do not work?
9:37  What should I wear for a video interview?
9:50  Who will see the video interview?
10:17  Any other things I should know about video interviews?

Psychometric tests

10:33  How should I prepare for psychometric testing?
11:02  What’s more important in a psychometric test – speed or accuracy?
11:16  Is there a pass mark for a psychometric test?
11:42  Any other things I should know about psychometric testing?

Social media

12:04  What are the do’s and don’ts of social media?
12:52  Tips for getting the most from LinkedIn?
13:24  Any other things I should know?