Xero: Harriet Turner

Harriet Turner from Xero talks about what to expect from an assessment centre, whether your CV needs a personal statement and the ideal cover letter length.

If you want to focus on a specific part of Harriet's talk, follow the time guidelines below.

Assessment centres

0:07  What happens at assessment centres?
0:35  How do I prepare for an assessment centre?
1:45  How do I stand out at an assessment centre?
2:21  What should you wear at an assessment centre?
3:00  Other things I should know?


4:28  How long should my CV be?
4:59  Do I need a separate skills section?
5:47  Should I include a personal statement and/or career objective?
6:23  Should I list my referees?
6:42  Any other things I should know about CVs?

Cover letters

7:50  How long should a cover letter be?
8:21  What is the best cover letter structure?
8:54  Who will see the cover letter?
9:43  Any other things I should know about cover letters?


10:31  How should I prepare for an interview?
11:32  What are your favourite interview questions?
12:45  How do I answer a tricky questions?
13:24  What should I ask the interviewer?
14:34  What do I wear?
15:09  Any other things I should know?