Digital sourcing

The Centre of Digital Enterprise has launched a new study into the current and future state of digital sourcing in New Zealand firms.

With the advent of globalisation and heightened levels of competition, many organisations are having considerable difficulty developing and maintaining the range of expertise and skills they need to compete effectively. The emergence of American, European, Japanese and other Asian multinationals has created a competitive environment requiring the globalisation, or at least semi-globalisation, of corporate strategy. Moreover, with developments in information and communication technologies (ICT), firms do not need to be large multinationals to compete globally. These developments have led many companies to turn to various sourcing strategies such as outsourcing, offshoring, offshore outsourcing, nearshoring and onshoring.

The New Zealand economy faces similar challenges. New Zealand competitiveness is highly dependent on its ability to access skills and innovations that are often residing outside country. Developing talent in New Zealand offers only part of the solution, and recruiting from abroad has been a challenge in post-Covid era. While New Zealand continues investing in developing talent and improving its position in the race for talent at the global level, tapping into talent available around the globe via smart sourcing strategies is becoming a viable business strategy for both large and small New Zealand firms.

In 2023, the Centre of Digital Enterprise launched a study into the current and future state of digital sourcing. To our best knowledge this is the only study so far that provides insight into New Zealand large and small firms’ attitude and use of sourcing strategies as part of their broader business strategy. In this report, we share the main findings from our research.

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Read the full report at the link below.

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