Data Product Owner at Southern Cross Health Society

While he was still at high school in New Zealand, Ryan Huynh took on a web design summer internship at a digital agency in Vietnam- an experience that gave him exposure to the world of business and digital technology.

Consultant at EY Analytics
Ryan Huynh, Consultant at EY Analytics

Key facts

Career: eResearch Solutions Analyst
Programme: Bachelor of Commerce
Subjects: Economics and Information Management* 

I chose Economics and Information Management* as my BCom majors so that I could pursue my passion. 

I had many career interests when I chose Information Management*, and they kept changing during my study. But the objective always stayed constant; I wanted to be at the intersection between business and technology.

Ryan Huynh

“The biggest highlights of my undergraduate experience were the people I met at the Business School through classes, case competitions and clubs. They are truly amazing people and provided endless inspiration for my personal growth.”

*This major is now called Business Analytics