Digital Marketing Assistant Manager at Not Socks

Hannah Copeland wanted to study in the city where she also planned to start her career, so the University of Auckland was both a logical and emotional choice.

Hannah Copeland
Hannah Copeland, Digital Marketing Assistant Manager at Not Socks

Key facts

Career: Digital Marketing 
Programme: Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce conjoint 
Subjects: Criminology, Management and Marketing

“At the Business School, my peers and I were supported to be our
authentic selves, all coming together to learn to think like business people."

My majors gave me the right academic foundation to consider many different kinds of career paths where the skills and tools I had learnt could come into play, which made me feel empowered and in control of my future.

Hannah Copeland

"I learnt a lot from fellow students, tutors and lecturers. I had one lecturer at the Business School who acted as a mentor for me, which was invaluable. I even came back to be a lecturer’s assistant for my favourite Management course.”