Majors for the Bachelor of Commerce

Choose from a versatile selection of majors that provide you with skills and qualifications for a range of careers.

What is a major?

A major is the main subject area that you choose to study in your degree. You will study courses to Stage III level in this subject. In selecting the major for your degree you need to consider short and long-term career aspirations as well as your personal strengths and interests.

As well as gaining knowledge in your chosen area of specialisation, you will learn how to think creatively, solve problems critically and communicate effectively, all essential skills for your future career.

You can choose from 12 majors in the Bachelor of Commerce and complete a single or double major programme. A double major will give your study greater depth and increase your career options, as employers today are looking for expertise in more than one area of business.



We also offer one specialisation in the Bachelor of Property.

Help and advice

Talk to us about your study and career goals, and we can advise you on a suitable major. We can also help you plan your degree.

For our contact details and location, visit Business Student Centre.