What is a major?

Choose from 12 versatile Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) majors, which provide you with the skills, knowledge and experience for a range of careers in any industry. The BProp will prepare you for a wide range of property-related careers.

A major is the main subject area that you choose to study in your degree. You will study courses up to Stage III level in this subject.

As well as gaining skills, knowledge and experience in your chosen area, you will learn how to think creatively, solve problems and communicate effectively, all essential skills to help you thrive in any career you choose.

Choosing a major

The first year of the BCom will give you a taste of all our majors. It’s a great way to explore what you are really passionate about – and discover new majors and careers you may never have thought of.

When it comes time to choose your major, think about your passions and interests, personal strengths and career goals.

Single and double majors

You can choose from 12 majors in the BCom and complete a single or double major programme.

Our double majors are a popular option to broaden your skills and knowledge and open up even more career options. We have a great range of complementary majors that work well together to get you future-proofed and career ready.

Most BCom students choose a double major, unless they are planning a conjoint degree (combining the BCom with the BProp or an undergraduate degree programme offered by another faculty).

BCom majors

Property specialisation

We also offer one specialisation in the Bachelor of Property.

Help and advice

Confused about majors, programmes, courses or the careers available to you or just need some guidance?

Contact our friendly Student Advisers at your nearest Student Hubs.

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