About our research

The core research and strength of the School of Medical Sciences is in "bench-to-bedside" an initiative of translating knowledge from the basic biomedical sciences into the development of clinically relevant treatments.

Our world-renowned researchers attract millions of dollars in external research funding every year. Our school has a commitment to a strong base of international projects and innovative studies across a wide range of subjects.

In 2018 our school attracted over $30 million NZD in external research funding.

We have particularly strong research programmes in cancer biology and drug development, neuroscience, cardiovascular disease, genetics, infection and immunity, developmental biology, biomedical imaging and nutrition.   

Departments and research centres

Research with us

The world-class researchers at the School of Medical Sciences are eager to meet with you to discuss the possibilities available to you, whether you are:

  • A researcher interested in developing exciting new collaborations and partnerships
  • A student contemplating conducting postgraduate or postdoctoral research
  • An international student looking for practical experience to complement your overseas degree programme requirements