About the oral history project

This project traces the early years of the School of Nursing through the memories of staff, students, clinicians and other associates.

An oral history project was conducted by Dr Kate Prebble with the support of Hannah Carter, a Summer Studentship (December 2018 to February 2019). Video or audio-recorded interviews were conducted with 10 participants.

These interviews will be archived in the Special Collections of the University of Auckland Library.* The School of Nursing interviews have been supplemented by data gleaned from oral history interviews conducted for the 50th Anniversary of the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

All the interviews were analysed to identify themes that captured significant developments that occurred during the early years. The four themes can be found here with quotations and snippets from the interviewees.

Secondary literature was sourced to explore the historical context of the founding of the School of Nursing.  

*Not yet available online