Step two to four - Ta Ara Tika

Step 2: Kia āta whakaaro - precise analysis

Step 3: Kia āta kōrero - robust discussion

Step 4: Kia āta whiriwhiri -consciously determine the conditions


There are key questions you need to consider to progress through Steps 2 - 4:

Are there Māori: non-Māori health inequities in your area of research?

If YES, go to question two!

If you are unsure, please download the document Hauora IV where you can find further information on inequities.

If there are Māori:non-Māori inequities in your research field then it is important to design your study so that Māori are well represented in your data, whatever your methodology.

If Māori are not represented you may inadvertently increase inequities through perpetuating non-Māori norms.

If you will analyse your data by ethnicity, visit the Ethnicity issues page using button below.

If you think there are no inequities in your area of enquiry and you will not use ethnicity as a variable of analysis, please ensure you can justify this.

To continue, please click on the methodologies below relevant for your research proposal: