Study and career options

A range of exciting opportunities await you at the Centre for Brain Research. Search our databases to find your project and access support services.

Find a research project

Honours projects

Look for projects on the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences postgraduate projects page.

Master and PhD projects

Look for masters and doctoral supervisors and research projects on Discovery Profiles.

Find a supervisor

If you wish to work with a specific supervisor, talk to them about tailoring a project, or creating a new one, to align with your research interests. Find out more by looking through the CBR Research Areas.

Support and advice

Postgraduate advice and guidance

Postgraduate advisers can recommend courses or research areas that align with your interest and goals.

Postgraduate student career advice

Develop a skills portfolio, strengthen your CV or social media presence with the University's Career Development and Employability Services.

Personal support

The University of Auckland provides personal support for your learning, your health and wellbeing, emergencies, and for Māori and Pacific students.

Mental wellbeing information pack

The CBR Early Career Researchers Committee and Wellbeing Champions have created an info pack for students and postdocs at the CBR. It contains contact details of services and persons you can get in touch with if you need support.