Stroke Research Clinic

The Stroke Research Clinic is a research facility made up of expert clinicians who are all focused on finding ways to improve outcome following stroke.

Our clinic is free of charge and referrals can come from GPs, clinicians and community stroke advisers.

The clinic offers people who have experienced a stroke an opportunity for a comprehensive multidisciplinary assessment. Appropriate recommendations will be made in accordance with our findings. However, this is primarily a research clinic and we do not provide clinical follow-up.

Depending on individual symptoms, you will have access to the following specialities:

  • Neurology
  • Nursing
  • Speech-Language Therapy
  • Optometry

Stroke recovery is always an exploration of what is possible for each individual. By undertaking that exploration within a research trial it is possible to share successes with thousands of other survivors through the proof of what works. Research opens doors for individuals and for everyone else too.

Mark Vivian Chief Executive Officer, Stroke Foundation of New Zealand

Our team


Stroke Research Clinic
+64 9 9236579

The clinic is located at:
The University of Auckland
Grafton Campus, Building 507
22-30 Park Ave, Grafton