Please read the rules and regulations of the University of Auckland and the Auckland Area Health Board which controls the teaching hospitals.

1. Responsibility

  • Overseas students will be responsible to the Dean of the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences at the University of Auckland for the period of their attachment.
  • Students are not permitted to undertake paid employment during the period of their elective in New Zealand.

2. Limitations

The intern supervisor of the institution concerned will acquaint the student of any limitations to be imposed upon them. Restraints will be concerned with:

  • Prescribing narcotics
  • Prescribing drugs for dispensing at external pharmacies
  • Signing death certificates
  • Duties in accident and emergency departments (casualty)

Any limitations imposed would take into account the degree of training already completed.

3. Dress code

Overseas students are expected to adopt professional dress code. Minimum expectations are as follows:

  • Dress should be neat, tidy, sensible and appropriate
  • Revealing clothing is not appropriate
  • No jeans are to be worn
  • For safety reasons, closed shoes must be worn
  • Consider tying back long hair for safety and hygiene reasons
  • White coats should be worn only in clinical situations if specific instructions require this. These are generally NOT worn in New Zealand
  • Scrubs may be issued if required. They should not be worn in inappropriate settings such as outpatient clinics or outside the hospital


Claudia Makgill
Overseas Elective Coordinator
Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences