Mohanraj Krishnan

Mohanraj Krishnan chose to do his PhD in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Auckland because of its global reputation for research excellence.

Mohanraj Krishnan

“Childhood obesity is a major public health crisis in Western countries. My thesis looks at the genetics of obesity to help reduce the prevalence of childhood and adolescent obesity escalating rapidly in New Zealand."

The Genetics of Childhood Obesity: A Children of SCOPE study offers a unique opportunity to advance understanding of the complex relationships between maternal factors, intrauterine experiences, genetic influences and childhood obesity.

“I have always considered the University of Auckland of high repute, as one of the leading Universities on a global scale. I studied here to broaden my research knowledge and skills, with the aim to create a platform to further progress my career in medical genetics.

“I was awarded a Gravida doctoral scholarship and a Doctoral Academic module scholarship. The Gravida doctoral scholarship provided me with the funds to undertake a PhD. The academic scholarship was a year-long course teaching me the ‘in and outs’ in the field of academia.

“In future, I want to secure a postdoctoral position with one of the leading universities abroad to further promote myself in both clinical and research aspects of both medical and evolutionary genetics.

“This PhD would not have been possible without the guidance and support from my three supervisors: Professor Andrew Shelling, Professor Lesley McCowan and Associate Professor John Thompson. In addition, I have met many amazing people and friends here.”