Jessee Fia’Ali’I

Jessee Fia’Ali’I is a health psychologist working with underserved communities, and encourages other Pacific youth to do the same with the PGDipHealthPsych.

“I am a Health Psychologist in the Pain Services at Counties Manukau Health. Counties Manukau Health serves culturally diverse communities.

“I really enjoy my role and helping people and their families each day through difficult experiences. Psychology has been something I have always wanted to pursue, especially following the occurrence of suicides in high school. I had family members fall ill and I saw how much that impacted my loved ones and the struggles they went through physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The programme prepared me well for my current role because, being a practical course, I had I the opportunity to learn in an applied and safe way (under the guidance of experienced supervisors). Being able to see and use theoretical models and therapies also made it enjoyable.

Jessee Fia’Ali’I Postgraduate Diploma in Health Psychology graduate, Health Psychologist at Counties Manukau Health

"During my final year of study, I experienced significant health issues, which forced me to take time away from University and work. I really appreciated the support and understanding I was given throughout what was a difficult time.

"There are very few Pacific Psychologists and I hope to encourage more of our people to take up studies in this area.

“Working in this area exposes you to the underserved need – especially for our Pacific and Māori communities. I would fully encourage our Pacific and Māori people to enter into this area of health!”