Mikkol Gabriel Macabali

Mikkol Macabali has grown as an academic and a person through the clinical placements and research scholarships that comprise his Bachelor of Nursing.

"I wanted a career where you used both your mind and your heart. I chose to study the Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Auckland because it is widely recognised in New Zealand for its quality teaching.

"The best part is the clinical placements. It is such a valuable opportunity for real life experiences. When I started placements at the hospital, the nurses were impressed by the knowledge and skills I already possessed. That made me feel confident to work within the medical team and truly make a difference for the patient.

""The lecturers here are so encouraging. They continue to push me to the best of abilities and help realise my potential in diverse areas. I had the opportunity to do a Summer Research Project, which was a pilot project exploring the views of people in aged-care and what they need to live well. I was encouraged to expand on the opportunity by publishing an article about the project, completing cohort lectures and inter-professional seminars. Not only did I grow as an academic, but also as a person.  

I am proud of the person I am today. With the skills, knowledge and confidence I have now, I hope to take up clinical leadership positions as well as travel the world to offer medical services to developing countries.

Mikkol Gabriel Macabali Bachelor of Nursing

"Most of all, I intend to go into the route of Mental Health Nursing. I am a huge advocate for mental health and I aim to combat the stigma for mental illness.

"I would not be the person I am today without my time here at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences."