Kieran O'Donnell

As a graduate of the Bachelor of Nursing, Kieran is thankful for the facilities and expertise he could access during his time as a student.

“Working with people who are unwell is such a privilege. A hospital admission can undermine a person’s sense of self, because their capacity to care for themselves has been diminished. It is over to you, as a nurse, to provide care that upholds your patient’s autonomy and dignity.

“Facilities at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences are excellent. Having anatomical models and pathological specimens available gave me a practical insight into disease processes. Furthermore, practical sessions in the laboratories simulating a deteriorating patient gave me the confidence to assess, intervene and communicate in acute scenarios.

During the period of transition from student to registered nurse, I feel that the programme has prepared me for a successful start to my career.

Kieran O'Donnell Graduate: Bachelor of Nursing

"In addition to basic pathophysiology and clinical assessment, the curriculum develops general skills that are needed in the healthcare environment. Resilience, critical thinking, and communication – all of which are essential to work in a healthcare system that is experiencing significant pressure.

"The School of Nursing is committed to matching students to their speciality of interest. I was able to secure my final placement in a critical care ward, supported by a clinical lecturer who had significant experience in that setting. Similarly, other students have been supported to enter the perioperative setting, mental health, and primary care.”