Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Pharmacy in Prescribing

The Pharmacist Prescribing qualification aims to build on the clinical capabilities gained in the Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy (or equivalent qualification) and equip pharmacists with the knowledge, skills and attributes to prescribe medicines competently within a collaborative healthcare team environment.

The programme material is delivered by a wide range of expert professionals including medical practitioners, bioethicists, pharmaceutical lawyers, clinical pharmacists and academic staff.

Programme structure

The Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Pharmacy in Prescribing consists of the following courses:

  • PHARMACY 769 - Principles of Prescribing (30 points)
  • PHARMACY 770 - Prescribing Practicum (30 points)


Students must be registered with the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand (and hold a current Annual Practicing Certificate) and have completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy (or an equivalent postgraduate pharmacy qualification) to be eligible for entry.

Additional entry requirements as stipulated by the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand and the University are listed here:

  1. Entrants must hold registration in the Pharmacist scope of practice and hold a current Annual Practising Certificate (APC) issued by PCNZ.
  2. Entrants must have at least two (2) years of recent, appropriate and relevant post-registration experience within a collaborative health team environment, in a community or hospital care-based setting.
  3. Entrants must have identified an area of clinical practice to develop their prescribing skills and have up-to-date clinical, pharmacological and pharmaceutical knowledge relevant to their intended area of prescribing practice.
  4. Entrants must have identified potential Designated Medical Practitioners (DMPs) to provide supervision, support and shadowing opportunities for the pharmacist to the education provider.
  5. Entrants must have discussed and identified their possible role(s) as a prescriber within the collaborative health team environment they intend to practise in before commencing the practicum.
  6. Entrants must obtain their manager’s approval to undertake the programme to ensure they will be allocated work time to complete the Practicum.

All of the requirements must be fulfilled; it is particularly important that a defined area of prescribing practice is identified and agreed with the collaborative team and DMP, and approved by the University before commencing the programme.


Places on this programme are limited.

This programme has a total enrolment clause of 90 points. This is the maximum number of points you can enrol in (including failed or withdrawn courses) towards this programme.

Detailed information on admission criteria, programme structure and content, and the schedule of courses can be found in the Calendar Regulations for the Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Pharmacy.

These should also be read in conjunction with the University's General regulations - Postgraduate Certificates.


Dr Rhys Ponton
Senior Lecturer
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