Interviews with our alumni

William Schierding

Dr William Schierding explains the role computational science in research, and the additional pieces of information he can dig out of data sets.

Meet William
Tommi Vatanen

Dr Tommi Vatanen explains his research into the microbiome and the intricate relationship we have with the bacteria in our gut.

Meet Tommi
Eleanor Kenney - Liggins Institute Alumni

Dr Eleanor Kennedy explains her MRI-focused research into early brain development and how it relates to behaviour in childhood.

Meet Eleanor
Dr Tomoko Aoyama, Liggins Institute Alumni

Dr Tomoko Aoyama explains her research into the determinants of physical inactivity in children, and how and when to intervene.

Meet Tomoko
Dr Nike Franke, Liggins Institute Alumni

Dr Nike Franke explains her research into the long-term effects of clinical trials and the importance of engaging better with consumers.

Meet Nike
Dr Taygen Edwards, Liggins Institute Alumni

Dr Taygen Edwards explains her research to determine whether gut microbiome transfer capsules improve gut issues and wellbeing in autistic people.

Meet Taygen
Dr Amber Milan, Liggins Institute Alumni

Dr Amber Milan explains her research into how our bodies use food and how much we still don't know about nutrition.

Meet Amber