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Current research projects

Research projects related to perinatal science are available at honours, masters and doctoral level across all four of the Liggins Institute’s major research themes. Browse the table below to view all current masters and doctoral level projects on offer.

If you are a current undergraduate student you can browse the Honours projects available at the Liggins Institute here.

Project Type Supervisor
Economic evaluation of antenatal corticosteroid
therapy prior to planned caesarean section at late preterm and term
gestational ages
PhD Associate Prof Katie Groom
The effect of antenatal corticosteroid therapy and planned caesarean section on maternal and neonatal glucose control PhD Associate Prof Katie Groom
Identifying consumer priorities for health research by asking consumers PhD, MS Dr Nike Franke
Early MRI and Childhood Outcomes PhD Dame Jane Harding
Does exposure to antenatal steroids alter cardiovascular risk in middle age? PhD Dame Jane Harding
What do families want to know about outcomes after trials of new treatments in pregnancy and the newborn? PhD, MS Dame Jane Harding
Adult outcomes after repeat doses of antenatal steroids from nationally collected data PhD Dame Jane Harding
Do lower thresholds for diagnosis of gestational diabetes have later benefits for mothers and babies? PhD Dame Jane Harding
Targeting hormone receptors to enhance response to radiotherapy PhD Dr Jo Perry
The role of digital education in deliberative democratic processes MS Dr Jacquie Bay
Precision genetics to improve Asthma prediction, diagnosis and treatment in children PhD Associate Prof Justin O'Sullivan
Type 1 Diabetes – untangling ethnic differences using a multimorbid co-localisation approach   Associate Prof Justin O'Sullivan
'Physi-ome’ assessment of differences in digestion of food structures PhD, MS Dr Amber Milan
Parenteral nutrition solutions and the incidence of refeeding syndrome in extremely low birthweight babies MS Prof Frank Bloomfield
Achieving consensus on reporting outcomes from nutrition research in babies MS Prof Frank Bloomfield
C-type natriuretic peptide: a potential biomarker for fetal hypoxaemia PhD Prof Frank Bloomfield
Cost consequences of different diagnostic strategies and different treatment targets for women with gestational diabetes PhD, MS Professor Caroline Crowther
Do tighter glycaemic targets for managing gestational diabetes improve long-term outcomes for children? A data linkage study PhD, MS Professor Caroline Crowther
Do tighter glycaemic targets for managing gestational diabetes improve long-term outcomes for mothers? A data linkage study PhD, MS Professor Caroline Crowther
Mid-childhood outcomes after medical
interventions (i.e., dextrose gel for preventing low glucose levels or
extra protein for babies born very preterm)

PhD Dame Jane Harding

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