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Explore the current list of masters and doctoral research projects on offer and their supervisors.

Current research projects

Research projects related to perinatal science are available at honours, masters and doctoral level across all four of the Liggins Institute’s major research themes. Browse the table below to view all current projects on offer.

Project Type Supervisor
Severe Congenital Heart Disease: factors associated with prenatal diagnosis and their impact on treatment costs and longer term morbidity Hon/MSc Professor Frank Bloomfield
Safety and efficacy of using fish oil in pregnancy to reduce cardiometabolic risk in the offspring
MSc Dr Ben Albert
Developing peptide antagonists of the growth hormone receptor MSc Dr Jo Kate Perry  
Effect of prophylactic dextrose gel on the infant gut microbiome MSc Dr Tommi Vatanen
Childhood outcomes afer dextrose gel for preventing low glucose levels in babies PhD Distinguished Prof Jane Harding
Childhood outcomes after a trial of extra protein for babies born very preterm PhD Distinguished Prof Jane Harding
Adult outcomes after repeat doses of antenatal steroids from nationally collected data PhD Distinguished Prof Jane Harding
Do lower thresholds for diagnosis of gestational diabetes have later benefits for mothers and babies? PhD Distinguished Prof Jane Harding
Does exposure to antenatal steroids alter cardiovascular risk in middle age? PhD, MSc Distinguished Prof Jane Harding
What do families want to know about outcomes after trials of new treatments in pregnancy and the newborn? PhD, MSc Distinguished Prof Jane Harding
Undergraduate students’ awareness and understanding of life course opportunities for noncommunicable disease risk reduction MSc Dr Jacquie Bay
Identifying outcomes to predict indigenous child health in New Zealand MSc Associate Prof Katie Groom
The role of pregnancy complications on the developmental programming of cardio-metabolic disease in offspring PhD, MSc Professor Mark Vickers
Preserving beta cell mass through branch chain amino acid supplementation PhD, MSc Professor Frank Bloomfield
Relating glucose levels in newborn babies to later developmental outcomes PhD, MSc Distinguished Prof Jane Harding

If you're not sure which project suits you, you can also contact the Liggins Institute Academic Director at who will help you find a supervisor and guide you through the application process.