Our undergraduate courses and programmes

Stage one Mathematics courses

Course code Course title Semester offered  Course coordinator
MATHS 102 Functioning in Mathematics Summer; S1; S2
Malia Puloka
MATHS 108 General Mathematics 1 Summer; S1; S2
Nicolette Rattenbury
MATHS 110 Mathematics for Natural Sciences S1 James Sneyd
MATHS 120 Algebra S1; S2
Claire Postlethwaite
MATHS 130 Calculus S1; S2 Rod Gover
MATHS 162 Computational Mathematics S1; S2
Lauren Smith
MATHS 190 Great Ideas Shaping our World S2 Igor' Kontorovich
MATHS 190G Great Ideas Shaping our World (General Education) S2 Igor' Kontorovich
MATHS 199 Advancing in Mathematics S1 Peter Bier

Stage two Mathematics courses

Course code Course title Semester offered Course coordinator
MATHS 208 General Mathematics 2 Summer; S1; S2 Jonny Stephenson
MATHS 250 Algebra and Calculus 2 S1; S2 Arkadii Slinko
MATHS 253 Algebra and Calculus 3 S1 Arkadii Slinko
MATHS 254 Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics S1; S2 Jianbei An
MATHS 260 Differential Equations S1; S2 Priya Subramanian
MATHS 270 Numerical Computation S2 Hinke Osinga

Stage three Mathematics courses

Course code Course title Semester offered Course coordinator
MATHS 302 Perspectives in Mathematics Education S2 Caroline Yoon
MATHS 315 Mathematical Logic S2 Sina Greenwood
MATHS 320 Algebraic Structures S2 Jianbei An
MATHS 326 Combinatorics S1 Florian Lehner
MATHS 328 Algebra and Applications S1 Arkadii Slinko
MATHS 332 Real Analysis S2 Tom ter Elst
MATHS 333 Analysis in Higher Dimensions S1 Sione Ma'u
MATHS 334 Algebraic Geometry S2 Jeroen Schillewaert
MATHS 340 Real and Complex Calculus S2 Claire Postlethwaite
MATHS 341 Complex Analysis S1 Melissa Tacy
MATHS 361 Partial Differential Equations S1 Graham Donovan
MATHS 362 Methods in Applied Mathematics S2 Marie Graff
MATHS 363 Advanced Modelling and Computation S1 Stephen Taylor
MATHS 399 Capstone: Mathematics S1; S2 Stephen Taylor

Choosing your Mathematics courses

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