Physics study options

We offer general physics programmes at all academic levels, or you can choose to specialise with a programme in Geophysics, Photonics or Medical Physics and Imaging Technology.

UG physics students

Studying Physics at undergraduate or postgraduate level will give you a deeper understanding of the world around you.

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Geophysics student

If you’re interested in the Earth and its environment one of our Geophysics programmes might be right for you.

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Working with medical imaging

Our Medical Physics programmes support work in biomedical industries, medical physics training, and biomedical optics.

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Working with light

As a comparatively new field of research, Photonics is set to become a key technology for the 21st Century. Photonics is available at postgraduate level only.

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Close up of a water droplet

If you're new to Physics, we offer foundation courses to prepare you for University.

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