Our undergraduate courses and programmes

Undergraduate courses provide an overview and foundation in Physics, and prepare you for further study opportunities.

Stage one Physics courses

Course code Course title Semester offered
TFCPHYS 91F Foundation Physics S1
TFCPHYS 92F Foundation Physics 2 S2
ASTRO 100 Planets, Stars and Galaxies S1 / S2
ASTRO 100G Planets, Stars and Galaxies S1 / S2
ENVPHYS 100 Sun, Sand, Surf: Science of Aotearoa S1 
ENVPHYS 100G Sun, Sand, Surf: Science of Aotearoa S1
PHYSICS 102 Basic Concepts of Physics SS / S1
PHYSICS 120 Advancing Physics 1 S1 / S2
PHYSICS 121 Advancing Physics 2 S1 / S2
PHYSICS 140 Digital Fundamentals S1 / S2
PHYSICS 160 Physics for the Life Sciences S2
PHYSICS 160 Laboratories

Stage two Physics courses

Course code Course title Semester offered
ASTRO200 Astrobiology S2
ENVPHYS 200 Earth Observations and Models S2
PHYSICS 201 Classical and Thermal Physics S1
PHYSICS 202 Electromagnetism S2
PHYSICS 203 Relativity and Quantum Physics S2
PHYSICS 244 Electronics and Imaging S1
GEOPHYS 213 The Geophysical Environment Not offered

Stage three Physics courses

Course code Course title Semester offered
Atmosphere, Ocean and Earth Physics S1
ENVPHYS 301  Special topic TBC
ENVPHYS 380 Directed Study TBC
ENVPHYS 399 Capstone: Environmental Physics Not offered in 2024
PHYSICS 331 Classical Mechanics and
PHYSICS 332 Fluid Mechanics S1
PHYSICS 333 Lasers and Electromagnetic Waves S2
PHYSICS 334 Statistical Physics and Condensed Matter S1
PHYSICS 335 Quantum Mechanics S2
PHYSICS 340 Electronics and Signal Processing S1
PHYSICS 356 Particle Physics and Astrophysics S2
PHYSICS 390 Experimental Physics S1 / S2
PHYSICS 390b Advanced Lab Capstone S2
PHYSICS 399 Capstone: Physics S1 / S2
GEOPHYS 310 Physics of the Earth Not offered
GEOPHYS 311 Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Physics Not offered
GEOPHYS 399 Capstone: Geophysics Not offered

Choosing your Physics courses