Welcome from the Dean

Professor John Hosking invites you to join New Zealand’s largest and leading Faculty of Science, where your Science degree will prepare you for a career full of possibilities.

Professor John Hosking, Dean of Science
Professor John Hosking, Dean of Science

Carl Sagan once said that “science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge”. Studying Science at the University of Auckland will give you both the disciplinary knowledge and that “way of thinking”. Together these will allow you to pursue a career in your chosen discipline and provide you with the means to understand and address the challenges confronting society – and science – in the 21st century.

At the University of Auckland, we cover a comprehensive range of disciplines in the courses we offer. At the Faculty of Science, we’re excited to offer two undergraduate programmes, and a diverse range of subject areas: our flexible Bachelor of Science, with its large variety of majors and specialisations; and our Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours), a four-year, research-focused programme.

Whatever discipline you choose and whatever courses you take, you will discover that science itself is continually evolving.

Professor John Hosking

In a rapidly changing world, we offer the option to take an undergraduate programme with a research focus. The Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) will accelerate your preparation for postgraduate study. It will also equip you with the depth of knowledge and skills demanded by today’s employers.

Whatever discipline you choose and whatever courses you take, you will discover that science itself is continually evolving. It integrates and embraces topics from cells to society, quarks to computation. Our approach is to provide you with the education to understand that evolution and allow you to enter not only today’s science-based careers but those that will come in the future.

As a student at the University of Auckland, you will benefit from studying at New Zealand’s
world-ranked university*. Our staff include the largest group of top-ranked, internationally renowned scientists in New Zealand, presenting you with knowledge at the cutting edge of science.

Your education will be enhanced through outstanding teaching facilities. These range from our leading-edge laboratories, including those in our new Science Centre building, to a comprehensive marine campus. You will also be able to enjoy all the recreational and cultural opportunities that Auckland, the “City of Sails”, has to offer.

Congratulations on your decision to study at the University of Auckland. I look forward to welcoming you to New Zealand’s largest Faculty of Science.

Professor John Hosking

Dean of Science