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The biological sciences are a vital part of the modern world and continue to gain importance as we tackle issues of climate change, population growth and decreasing biodiversity.

Professor Allen Rodrigo, Head of School
Professor Allen Rodrigo, Head of School

Biology is the science of the 21st century. Think about everything you see or read – about epidemics, cancer, climate change, about new species in old lands, old cures for new diseases, about how we rely on the bacteria that live on and in us, and the possibility of life on other worlds. To understand all this, you need to understand how life works, and biology is the study of life.

At Te Kura Mātauranga Koiora, the School of Biological Sciences, we teach and conduct research across all scales of the living world, from molecules to ecosystems. Modern biology is also interdisciplinary, and embraces other STEM disciplines, including chemistry, mathematics, statistics and computer science. For this reason, you will receive a world-class education at the School of Biological Sciences, and you will also have the opportunity to pursue your own research in areas that you are passionate about, beyond the traditional boundaries of classical biology.

Biology is the science of the 21st century.

Allen Rodrigo Te Kura Mātauranga Koiora | School of Biological Sciences

Each year we welcome new students seeking to acquire internationally competitive skills and training through our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Our graduates are highly sought after by employers in scientific, industry and government agencies, and our staff receive both national and international research funding and awards and feature regularly in the academic and non-academic media.

We think that the students who graduate with a degree from The University of Auckland are equipped to deal with the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century. And what better way to do this than with a degree in the science of the 21st century – Biology.

Professor Allen Rodrigo
Head of School