Our postgraduate courses and programmes

Chemical Sciences

Course code Course title Semester offered
CHEM 710 Advanced Physical Chemistry S1
CHEM 712 Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology S2
CHEM 720 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry S1
CHEM 730 Modern Methods for the Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules S1
CHEM 735 Advanced Medicinal Chemistry S1
CHEM 738 Biomolecular Chemistry S2
CHEM 740 Current Topics in Analytical Chemistry S2
CHEM 741 Chemometrics and Quality Assurance in Chemistry S1
CHEM 750 Advanced Topics in Chemistry 1 S1; S2
CHEM 751 Advanced Topics in Chemistry 2 S1; S2
CHEM 760 Advanced Green Chemistry S2
CHEM 780 Advanced Materials Chemistry S1
CHEM 793 Honours Dissertation in Chemistry S1; S2
CHEM 795 Research Methods in Chemistry S1
CHEM 796 MSc Thesis in Chemistry S1; S2

Food Science

Course code Course title Semester offered
FOODSCI 706 Food Safety S1
FOODSCI 707 Food Science S1
FOODSCI 708 Advanced Food Science S2
FOODSCI 709 Selected Topics In Food Science and Technology S1; S2
FOODSCI 710 Industrial Internship S1; S2
FOODSCI 715 Food Allergens and Intolerants S2
FOODSCI 740 Food Analysis S1

Forensic Science

Course code Course title Semester offered
FORENSIC701 Fundamental Concepts in Forensic Science S2
FORENSIC702 Introduction to Forensic Science S1
FORENSIC703 Statistics and Molecular Biology for Forensic Science S1
FORENSIC704 Techniques and Applications for Forensic Science S2
FORENSIC706 Environmental Forensic Science Not offered in 2023
FORENSIC707 Project in Forensic Science S1; S2
FORENSIC796 MSc Thesis in Forensic Science S1; S2

Wine Science

Course code Course title Semester offered
WINESCI701 Winemaking in a New Zealand Setting S1
WINESCI702 The Science Behind Grape Production S1
WINESCI703 The Science Behind Winemaking S2
WINESCI704 Sensory Evaluation and Statistical Methods S1
WINESCI705 Project in Wine Science S1; S2
WINESCI706 The Business of Wine Production S2
WINESCI707 Topics in Wine Science S1
WINESCI707 Topics in Wine Science S2
WINESCI708 Post-fermentation Processes in Winemaking S2
WINESCI796 MSc Thesis in Wine Science S1; S2

2024 field trips

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Choosing your courses

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