Our undergraduate courses and programmes

Stage one Computer Science courses

Course code Course title
COMPSCI 101 Principles of Programming
COMPSCI 110 Introduction to Computer Systems
COMPSCI 111 An Introduction to Practical Computing
COMPSCI 111G An Introduction to Practical Computing (General Education)
COMPSCI 120 Mathematics for Computer Science
COMPSCI 130 Introduction to Software Fundamentals

We also encourage you to consider the course PHYSICS 140 Digital Fundamentals, which is a prerequisite for COMPSCI 215, 313, 315 or 316.

Stage two Computer Science courses

Course code Course title
COMPSCI 210 Computer Organisation
COMPSCI 215 Data Communications and Security
COMPSCI 220 Algorithms and Data Structures
COMPSCI 225 Discrete Structures in Mathematics and Computer Science
COMPSCI 230 Object Oriented Software Development
COMPSCI 235 Software Development Methodologies
COMPSCI 289 Research Seminar in Computer Science

You may also consider taking the course COMMS 208 Digital Communications Ethics as part of your Computer Science degree.

Stage three Computer Science courses

Course code Course title
COMPSCI 313 Computer Architecture
COMPSCI 315 Data Communications Technologies
COMPSCI 316 Cyber Security
COMPSCI 320 Applied Algorithmics
COMPSCI 331 Large-Scale Software Development
COMPSCI 335 Functional Programming and Distributed Services
COMPSCI 340 Operating Systems
COMPSCI 345 Human-computer Interaction
COMPSCI 350 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
COMPSCI 351 Fundamentals of Database Systems
COMPSCI 361 Machine Learning
COMPSCI 367 Artificial Intelligence
COMPSCI 369 Computational Biology
COMPSCI 373 Computer Graphics and Image Processing
COMPSCI 380 Project in Computer Science
COMPSCI 389 Research Methods in Computer Science
COMPSCI 399 Capstone: Computer Science

Choosing your Computer Science courses