Volcanology, geochemistry and petrology

Our research covers magma's entire journey, from its creation within the Earth to its eruption at the surface.

Volcanic eruption

Due to its active volcanic environment, New Zealand is the ideal natural laboratory for investigating magmatic systems. With cutting edge geochemical techniques, we address a wide range of research projects, such as identifying the signature of major eruptions in tree rings and studying the crystal-specific nature of magma chambers.

At individual volcanoes and volcanic fields, we apply volcanological techniques to improve our understanding of eruption records and volcanic processes. We also have a strong interest in volcanic hazard assessment.

Our fieldwork takes us to a wide range of locations and tectonic settings around the world.

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Our research topics

  • Subduction zone magmatism/volcanism
  • Intraplate magmatism/volcanism
  • Geochemical proxies of volcanic eruptions 
  • Cosmochemistry and cosmochronology
  • Timescales and processes of magma assembly and eruption 
  • Large-scale explosive volcanism
  • Volcanism and volcanic hazards
  • Volcanic mass flow deposits
  • Probabilistic eruption and event forecasting 
  • Environmental, agricultural and health impacts of volcanic eruptions
  • Cryptotephra analysis: chronology development and ash-fall hazards
  • Mantle metasomatism
  • Analysis of amorphous and partial amorphous materials as planetary analogues

Our researchers