Gustav Chuling

Gustav Chuling

"Talofa lava, my name is Gustav, I am currently in my masters year with my thesis focussing on U.S and New Zealand media framing of COVID-19. I have always been fascinated by the media and how they cover different issues, since my undergraduate, I have always intended to research deeper into how the media cover different phenomena, and why the media cover things in the way they do.

"I have been able to pursue postgraduate research thanks to the support of my family and the support of the Toloa Tertiary scholarship by the Ministry of Pacific People’s. I am a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the School of Environment Tuakana program – where I lead the human Geography team. Tuakana has been an amazing experience for me to meet people from different backgrounds and meet Pacific postgraduate students and staff.

I have always been fascinated by the media and how they cover different issues...

Outside of University, I play cricket for my local Weymouth club and enjoy running after my dog when he chases birds at the beach.

I am currently finishing off my master’s thesis which has been a long but interesting process. I hope to continue researching the media in its different forms and I plan to conduct more research into how the media have framed different issues in the future.

For now, my main focus is preparing for the submission of my thesis – which I am happy to chat about and or anything University related, or Tuakana related.