Undergraduate courses and programmes

We offer undergraduate courses in Earth Sciences, Environmental Change, Environmental Science, Geography, Geophysics and Geographic Information Science (GIS).

Stage one Environment courses

Course code Course title Semester offered Course coordinator
EARTHSCI 105 Natural Hazards in New Zealand Summer; S1; S2 Summer/S1: Ingrid Ukstins
S2: Jennifer Eccles
EARTHSCI 120 Planet Earth S1; S2 Nick Richards
ENVSCI 101 Environment, Science and Management S1; S2 Sonia Fonua
GEOG 101 Earth Surface Processes and Landforms S1; S2 Joe Fagan
GEOG 102 Geography of the Human
S1; S2 Salene Schloffel-Armstrong
GEOG 103 Mapping Our World S1 Murray Ford
GEOG 104 Cities and Urbanism S2 Salene Schloffel-Armstrong
SCIGEN 101 Communicating in a Knowledge Society S1; S2 Jacquie Bay
SUSTAIN 100 Sustainability and Us S2 Joe Fagan
TFCENV 91F Environment and Society 1 S1 Rachael Boswell
TFCENV 92F Environment and Society 2 S2 Rachael Boswell

Stage two Environment courses

Course code Course title Semester offered Course coordinator
EARTHSCI 202 Earth Story S1 Barry O'Connor
EARTHSCI 203  Rock and Minerals S1 Phil Shane
EARTHSCI 205  New Zealand: Half a Billion Years on the Edge S2 Barry O'Connor
EARTHSCI 208 Earth Structure S2 Barry O'Connor
EARTHSCI 220  Practice in Earth Sciences 1 S1 Nick Richards
EARTHSCI/GEOG 261 Climate and Society S1 Melissa Bowen
EARTHSCI/GEOG 262  Geomorphology S2 Jon Tunnicliffe
ENVSCI 201 Natural and Human Environmental Systems S1 Sam Trowsdale
ENVSCI 203  Modelling Environmental Systems S2 Giovanni Coco
GEOG 202  Cities, Regions and Communities S1 Nick Lewis
GEOG 205  Environment and Society S2 Emma Sharp
GEOG 250  Geographical Research in Practice S1 Joe Fagan
GISCI 241  Principles of Remote Sensing S2 Murray Ford
GISCI 242  Principles of GIScience S1 Katarzyna Siła-Nowicka
SCIGEN 201 Innovating in a Knowledge Society S1 Marie McEntee
SUSTAIN 200 The Sustainable Community S1 Anthony Gampell
ASTRO 200  Astrobiology S2 Kathleen Campbell

Stage three Environment courses

Course code Course title Semester offered Course coordinator
EARTHSCI 303  Sedimentary Systems S1 Lorna Strachan
EARTHSCI 307  Dynamic Quaternary Environments S1 Paul Augustinus
EARTHSCI 308  Tectonic and Magmatic Systems S2 James Muirhead
EARTHSCI 320  Practice in Earth Sciences 2 S1 Michael Rowe
EARTHSCI 361  Exploration Geophysics S2 Jennifer Eccles
EARTHSCI 372  Engineering Geology S2 Nick Richards
EARTHSCI 399  399 Capstone: Earth Sciences S1; S2 S1: Kathleen Campbell
S2: Phil Shane
ENVSCI 301 Natural and Human Environmental Systems S1 Luitgard Schwendenmann
ENVSCI 303  Environmental Science, Risk
and Society
S2 Sonia Fonua
ENVSCI 399  Capstone: Environmental Science S2 Emma Ryan
GEOG 305  Population, Health and
S1 Salene Schloffel-Armstrong
GEOG 320  Resources and Environmental Management S1 Brad Coombes
GEOG 325  The Human Dimension of
S2 JC Gaillard
GEOG 327  Politics, Markets and Economies S2 Nick Lewis
GEOG 351  Coastal and Marine Studies S1 Mark Dickson
GEOG 352  Landscape, Environment and Heritage S1 Gretel Boswijk
GEOG 335  Applied Physical Geography S2 Jennifer Salmond
GISCI 341  Advanced Remote Sensing S2 Tom Dowling
GISCI 343  GIScience Programming and Development S2 Katarzyna Siła-Nowicka
GEOG/GISCI 399  Capstone: Geography S2  Tom Baker
SUSTAIN 300  A Sustainable World S2 Anthony Gampell

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