Undergraduate courses and programmes

Stage one Psychology courses

Course code Course title
PSYCH 108 Individual, Social and Applied Psychology
PSYCH 109 Mind, Brain and Behaviour

Stage two Psychology courses

Course code Course title
Special Topic: Foundations of Developmental Psychology
PSYCH 201 Perception and Cognition
PSYCH 202 Biopsychology
PSYCH 203 Learning and Behaviour
PSYCH 204 Social Psychology
PSYCH 207 Theories of Personality and Development

Stage three Psychology courses

Course code Course title
Applied Psychology
PSYCH 303 Cognitive Science
PSYCH 305 Human Neuroscience
PSYCH 306 Research Methods in Psychology
PSYCH 308 Directed Study
PSYCH 309 Learning
PSYCH 310 Introduction to Clinical Psychology
PSYCH 311 Advanced Topics in Social Psychology
PSYCH 313 Psychology of Communication Disorders
PSYCH 317 Evolution, Behaviour and Cognition
PSYCH 319 Psychology and Gender
PSYCH 320 Culture and Psychology
PSYCH 326 Life Span Development
PSYCH 399 Capstone: Communicating Psychology

Choosing your Psychology courses

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